Her inspiring life story

Ruby Bridges Early Life

Ruby Bridges was born on September 8, 1954. She was the oldest out of five siblings. Ruby Bridges parents were farmers in the Tylertown, Mississippi.

When she turned 4 years old her parents moved to New Orleans, wishing for a better life in a bigger city. Her father got a job as a gas station attendant and her mother took the night jobs to help out and support thier beautiful family.

This is a video about Ruby Bridges grown up talking about when she was little.

Ruby Bridges Education

When Ruby Bridges was in the Kindergarten she of many African American students in the state New Orleans who were chosen to take an exam whether she could or she could not go to an American school.

In the year 1960 Ruby Bridges parents were told by the officials from the NAACP that she of all the 6 kids that tested. She was the only one who passed the test. She would be the only African American Student to go to William Frantz elementary school. She was 6 when she got accepted into william Frantz Elementary school.

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This is a picture of Ruby Bridges having fun.